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Information for the practitioner looking into ultrasound scanning:

Cardiac ultrasound systems may focus on different features needing image quality but considering a budget conscious purchase.  Others may be looking into raw data, solid performer with Stress Echo added.  The higher-end machines may offer the faster processor for image optimization and a reporting system.  Clearly define your needs to us so we can be most efficient in getting you the information you need at the time of questioning.

3D ultrasound machines are used for diagnostics, prenatal imaging/baby face images and also Live 3D cardiac/echo.  Realtime 3D and 4D takes an image and adds the fourth dimension of time, by rotating the image.  It takes multiple 2D images, creates a 3D image and then adds the ‘time and rotation’.  Some popular 3D machines are GE Voluson, Philips iU22, some Medison models and the Sonoscape S8.  In the cardiac area, it is used for diagnosng congenital heart disease.  The cardiac 3D machines that you may be familiar with are:  GE Vivid, Philips Sonos 7500 and Philips iE33.

General imaging ultrasound for the clinic, hospital or private physician.  Ultrasound machines that help give you more confidence in diagnosing patients.  Now you can effectively scan the liver, kidney, breast or simply configure with more probes and perform full radiology. 

Vascular ultrasound machines to help detect vascular affections like dissections, aneurysms, or stenoses.  

Veterinary ultrasound – As we emerge into the veterinary field of ultrasound, more practices are finding it an efficient way to troubleshoot and diagnose, to some, our extended family – our animals and pets.  With the veterinary ultrasound unit, common configurations are with a vetrectal, microconvex or convex probe to perform the appropriate scan on large to small animals.   
Early diagnosis helps the doctor, the pet and the family.

Reasons Veterinarians are turning to ultrasound:
• Abnormal bloodwork 
• Vomiting or diarrhea that has lasted for a long time
• Weight loss with no change in eating habits
• Chronic infections 
• Change in urinary habits
• Baseline ultrasound for future examination (geriatric patients)
• Recheck on previous problem 
• Cancer staging
• Fluid in chest or abdomen
• Pregnancy
• Pre-surgical
• To permit biopsy

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