Ultrasound to Predict COVID-19

My cousin and I were chatting the other day, about his illness with the Corona virus a few months ago.  I asked him what his symptoms were, he had a cough and fever and thought it was the flu, he was tested for COVID-19 and the result was positive.  He spent the next 3 weeks in the hospital with a fever and was eventually discharged. He thought he had fully recovered and the worse was over. However when at home over the next few days he had unexplained difficulty breathing.  He went back to the hospital to have more tests, including an ultrasound of his lungs. The lung ultrasound showed white patches, and the Doctors provided him with additional treatment including steroids.  He has recovered now, however the ultrasound testing predicted the severity of the illness.  Some cases are mild and other aren’t. The image below shows the LUS score and the link is describes the benefit of Lung Ultrasounds to be used to predict COVID-19 Outcome and how it reveals COVID-19 Duration and Disease Severity.


Using 14 points in the lungs, researchers looked for abnormalities and assigned each spot a score out of 3 based on its severity. Adding up all the points, they found the total lung ultrasound score was higher for those who had a worsening outcome of COVID-19. Credit: Umberto Sabatini

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