Your Ultrasound Specialists

Now exceeding 20 years in the ultrasound industry, All Imaging Systems continues to strive for customer satisfaction for both local and international clients. We know your patients depend on you, that’s why you can depend on us. With experienced technicians and consultative sales, AIS delivers confidence from inception to delivery. We provide our customers access to ultrasound machines that are refurbished or new, as well as always-available knowledgeable support. Our unique screening & testing process delivers guaranteed quality. Precision testing for All the Systems, All the Time.

All Imaging Systems believes that the original care, performance and innovation that the manufacturers put into their ultrasound systems has to be fully restored before they leave our company. That’s why we put each of our systems through a rigorous 32 step testing we call the All-n-All Screening & Testing Process. That means if any part is not up to the original specifications we will replace it. We know only 100% functioning parts produce 100% quality images.

Transducer Visual:

  • Connector Integrity
  • Strain Relief Strength
  • Cable Flexibility
  • Lens Brilliance

System Mechanical & Cosmetics:

  • Burn in Time
  • Visual Appearance
  • Power Up Timing
  • Options Check
  • Monitor Flaws
  • Control Panel
  • Brakes Strength
  • Cosmetic Appeal
  • ECG Cables
  • Power Cable
  • Manuals

Imaging Quality:

  • 2D/3D Imaging
  • M-Mode
  • Color
  • CW Mode
  • Pulse Wave
  • Calibration
  • Rotation 0-180
  • All Frequencies
  • Leakage

Phantom Spheres:

  • Phantom Pins
  • B Mode
  • M Mode
  • Power Doppler
  • Continuous Wave
  • 3D/4D
  • Transducer Ports
  • Data Management
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