Your Ultrasound Specialists

Maintain your Workflow. Maximize your Investment

We are a leading Ultrasound  repair and service company. We provide excellent service & repair so you minimize disruptions to your workflow and extending the life of tools your love.

Most upgrades and enhancements get in your way and regularly disrupt your workflow. There is a smarter way to work – engage us to help you stay focused and lower operating costs.


Service and Repair are just the beginning.

Be Best in Class

Service agreements with single vendors force you to purchase all the equipment from them often compromising your standards. We will service any equipment from any vendor so you can focus on purchasing best in class equipment. Combined our technicians have over 50 years of experience.

Be Thrifty

Most vendors plan for obsolesce. We can perform  board level repair to lower your overall capital budget.

Be Focused

Vendor mandated upgrades often require you to reconfigure your layout and retrain your staff. We help you maintain focus by extending your equipment life-cycle and minimizing disruptions to your workflow.

Be Environmental

Being in the healthcare business is more than just treating ailments it’s also doing our part to decrease harmful waste. That’s why we don’t just rebuild systems to be like new, we recycle old system’s parts and materials to help renew the earth



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