Preventative Maintenance of Ultrasound Machines- Customer Story

All Imaging Systems (AIS) received a call at our Irvine office from a customer on a Thursday who indicated their ultrasound machine was not working. Immediately, a Service Repair Technician (SRT) drove an hour to the site to assess the situation. When he turned on the machine, the system did not start. The SRT informed the customer of the situation and offered to take it to the AIS office in Irvine to further investigate why the system failed. Upon further inspection, there was strong evidence that Preventative Maintenance was not performed routinely causing the buildup of dust/lint to damage the equipment.

Image 1: Dust build-up due to lack of maintenance
Image 2: Dust build-up causing failure

The report was communicated to the customer who was shocked to see the aforementioned photographs. Patients were booked for ultrasound checkups on Monday morning, and AIS technicians worked all weekend to ensure that the machine was up and running and in good working order for the customer to meet business deliverables. In fact AIS provided a loaner and expedited the repair of the unit by swapping out a major board. The importance of Preventative Maintenance (PM) is critical to business operations and is often overlooked.

PM is designed to improve equipment life and avoid unplanned maintenance activities. The main goal of any maintenance program is to avoid, or minimize, the consequences of equipment failure. Unplanned, reactive maintenance has several overhead costs that can be easily avoided when using a preventive maintenance program.

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