Trusted by Millions in Repairing Ultrasound Parts and Probes Since 1998

In and Out in Record Time

We specialize in test and repair of legacy and current generation Ultrasound parts and probes and systems. Our service level options include: advanced exchange, 10 day, 20 day and replacement services, supported by Forward and Reverse logistics and distribution on all repairs globally. Our expert technicians perform repair at component level to IPC610 standards and inspected to IPC610. Our repair is backed with a 90 days warranty.

We have over 15,000 Ultrasound Parts and Components in stock and ready to ship, we will get your system up and running in record time.

Our Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) is on average 15% better than OEM with warranty returns tracking at less than 1%.

On-Site Experts & Services

Managing Medical Imaging equipment across multiple facilities can be challenging as healthcare providers continue to expand their network of services and areas of coverage. AIS can assist the multi-site, multi-modality customers with service plans tailored to meet their needs for Ultrasound.

Repair & Maintenance Services

Our highly trained field engineers will visit your premises to service your equipment. The engineers also perform a thorough Preventive Maintenance which encompasses a 50 point checklist.

A Smart Workshop To Repair Your Parts, Probes & System When Necessary.

Upon receipt in our certified repair labs, units are inspected then routed to the system or technical area of expertise for full diagnostics. Throughout the strict test and repair process, each unit is screened for failure as well as potential intermittent issues.

We strive to return a fully functional, like-new unit for every piece of equipment received.

Ultrasound Repair Services & Test Engineering

All Imaging Systems is a leader in designing repair test methods and procedures on legacy and currently supported ultrasound architecture.

Card Level Debug

Cards that fail system tests are physically debugged for loss of circuit continuity or power/signal degradation or loss. Component level failures are then debugged for physical replacement or repair.


System and Card Level Test

All cards are tested for continuity, loop back, power in/out, and forced switch where applicable. Cards are soaked for eight hours to recreate errors and tests are performed to A class installation procedure on test beds.

Component Level Physical Repair

The physical repair consists of component replacement to IPC 610 class II, as well as ROHS or Non ROHS (Leaded) and BGA bumping and replacement.