Point of care unit systems (POCUS)

AIS spoke to Emergency Room Physicians in California who have used handheld ultrasound Devices. Many feel the systems speed up the diagnosis of COVID-19. Doctors can triage and monitor patients faster and sometimes more accurately with the help of the small machines. Now more than ever, many emergency care doctors around the world have started … Read more

Ultrasound Profiles – Umberto Sabatini (Italy)

Pandemic makes ultrasound a practice staple in Italy The COVID-19 pandemic has driven internal medicine physicians in Italy to increasingly rely on ultrasound as part of their daily physical examinations, according to a webinar corresponding with the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). Dr.¬†Umberto Sabatini, PhD, in personal protective equipment. “It’s like a third arm that … Read more

Ultrasound to Predict COVID-19

My cousin and I were chatting the other day, about his illness with the Corona virus a few months ago.¬† I asked him what his symptoms were, he had a cough and fever and thought it was the flu, he was tested for COVID-19 and the result was positive.¬† He spent the next 3 weeks … Read more

What are Speed Artifacts?

Speed displacement artifact, also known as propagation velocity artifact, is a gray scale ultrasound finding that can be identified as an area of focal discontinuity and displacement of an echo deeper than that its actual position in an imaged structure. Depth determination by an ultrasound machine is based on the principle that the average propagation … Read more

GE Voluson Range Review

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut quis enim enim. Duis efficitur leo maximus, tempus nulla a, efficitur magna. Morbi odio leo, tincidunt non pharetra in, laoreet eget purus. Suspendisse potenti. Sed tincidunt molestie porta. Ut suscipit auctor lacus in scelerisque. Aliquam sit amet ligula commodo metus rutrum consequat quis quis eros. Phasellus … Read more

About Long Path Reverberation Artifacts

Long path reverberation artefact When appearing deep to the pleural line these are known as A-lines. The ultrasound appearance of this artefact is repetitive, horizontal, echogenic lines deep to the second of two large reflective surfaces, between which the ultrasound energy is reverberating. Most commonly this artefact appears deep to a flat surface behind which … Read more

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