During installation, All Imaging Staff will coordinate all activities as well as provide installation assistance. We will work with you and your contractor to assure your final installation will meet all electrical and environmental requirements as well as go through a final installation checklist.

Site Accreditation

Applications Specialists provides an independent review of your imaging exam rooms help ensure basic image quality and adherence to electrical parameter guidelines.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Our goal is to gain an understanding of your patient care program and align with both your clinical and financial needs.

We leverage our proprietary processes to provide high quality and comprehensive service across multiple vendor platforms. Our team of experienced and reliable field engineers undergoes continuous training on the most current platforms from major manufacturers, providing them the experience necessary to assist with all your service and maintenance needs. Our training and competency certification process ensures our engineers are fully qualified to maintain, diagnose, and repair your imaging equipment.

Application Consultation

Customers under service contract can take advantage of UNLIMITED applications consultation. Ideal for start up and when new staff come on board.

On-site Technical Support

Our Technical Support Engineers have deep technical kills, backed by best-in-class product support services that include our leading global depot repair and supply chain management programs for all your imaging needs for Ultrasound systems, parts and probes.

Your One Stop Shop

Our end-to-end supply chain model integrates on-site technical support, warehousing and full repair-cycle management. This means full analysis of your ultrasound machine and probes, current supply chain and inventory so you can be sure you have all the parts you need.